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Jan - April 2023

Director - Content Talent Development & Training, NPR

I created inter-departmental workflow to bring equity and transparency to the staff development process. I also completed an assessment of the existing approach to staff training, providing a 3-point action plan to address the most urgent needs.


Executive Producer, All Things Considered & Consider This 

I led NPR's flagship newsmagazine show through culture change, social & political upheaval, and a global health pandemic. I also created the network's first daily evening news podcast, Consider This.


Executive Producer, Invisibilia, NPR

NPR's long-form narrative podcast exploring human behavior doubled episode production under my leadership. I led season-planning, edited/produced individual episodes, and established a LIVE event footprint to enhance audience engagement.


Deputy Executive Producer, Morning Edition & Up First

I programmed the daily show and regular news updates, and oversaw the 7-figure budget. I also planned and launched the network's first daily news podcast, Up First.


Supervising Producer, Morning Edition 

I created scheduling and communications workflow that enabled 24-hour staff to work effectively across the clock and the country. I ran Morning Edition LIVE coverage through the Sichuan Earthquake, Arab Spring, and Boston Marathon bombing. 


Producer, Morning Edition 

I field produced domestically and internationally with journalists such as Anne Garrels, Steve Inskeep, Juan Williams and Nina Totenberg. I directed Morning Edition LIVE through breaking news events like the London bombings and the death of Pope John Paul II.



Johns Hopkins University, MA Creative Writing

I'm currently working toward a Master's degree, with a focus on non-fiction work. 


Houghton College - BS & BA 

I completed dual degrees in my time at Houghton: a BS in Communications and a BA in Political Science, with a concentration in Middle East Studies

& Expertise

  • Editorial guidance from story structure to line editing 

  • Prioritizing DEI goals in staffing and content 

  • Leading teams through change

  • Building organizational talent

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